Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

“‘So . . . ,’ I said. ‘You’re saying that by the end of our training, you expect us to be able to use grappling hooks made of energy to smash our enemies with flaming chunks of space debris?’


‘That . . . ,’ I whispered, ‘that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.’”

(Sanderson 148, 149).
I love the cover!

Synopsis from Libby: Spensa’s world has been under alien attack for decades. Pilots are the heroes of what’s left of humanity, and becoming a pilot is Spensa’s dream. Ever since she was a little girl, Spensa has dreamed of soaring skyward and proving her bravery. But her father’s legacy stands in the way—he was a pilot who was killed for desertion years ago, branding Spensa the daughter of a coward, and making her chances of attending flight school slim to none.

Spensa is still determined to fly—even if it means she must be as resilient in the face of long odds as humanity itself has had to be against the alien threat. And her accidental discovery in a long forgotten cavern might just grant her a way to claim the stars.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Spoiler-free review: Skyward was really out of my comfort zone! I picked it up a few months ago, but I only made it through the prologue before I had to return it to the library. But this time, I tried really hard to read it! And after 10 hours and 37 minutes (according to Libby 😋), I finally finished! FINALLY! This book is so long! TOO long. But I did enjoy reading it! For the most part… 😄

First off, there was WAY too much action for me, but if you like that, then Skyward is right up your alley! Also, Skyward definitely reminded me of the Hunger Games, but lately, I feel like every book reminds me of Katniss and Peeta! 😄 I really liked some aspects of this novel though! The protagonist, Spensa, was absolutely amazing! I LOVED her!!! And the supporting characters were wonderful too! The plot was really interesting, and there were parts throughout the novel where I could feel myself smiling and cheering Spensa on! If you like books with A LOT of action, and you are interested in space, THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!!! Personally, I just got really confused with all the space terms, and half the time, I felt like I had no idea what was happening. 😋 It was chaos! But in a good way!

Overall, though this book wasn’t for me, I do think that a lot of people will like it! The plot was so intriguing, the characters were wonderful, and it was really well written! I just prefer more lighthearted novels that have romance and are all cute and happy! So I didn’t like it very much. 😕

Rant that CONTAINS SPOILERS: Also, THERE WAS NO ROMANCE IN SKYWARD! NONE! Was there potential? YES!!! Did anything happen? NO. The only reason I continued to read this book was the HOPE that Jorgen and Spensa would kiss, BUT THEY DIDN’T!!! He even said, “‘You…are amazing. Everything about my life has been planned out. Careful. It makes sense. I understand it. Then there’s you. You ignore my authority. You follow your feelings. You talk like some Valkyrie from a scudding ballad! I should hate you. And yet…’ He squeezed my [Spensa’s] shoulder. ‘And yet, when you fly, you are amazing’” (Sanderson 454). It was the PERFECT opportunity to kiss! BUT. IT. DIDN’T. HAPPEN. I’m so sad! I read this book FOR NOTHING. AND IF THINGS DON’T CHANGE IN THE SECOND BOOK (yes, I’m reading the second book for this reason only!) THEN I WILL WRITE A NOVELLA WHERE THEY GET MARRIED. DON’T TEST ME BRANDON SANDERSON! 😄

Thank you so much for reading! I also want to thank Kiera, from kierasbookishthoughts, for recommending this book to me! You are the best! ❤️ Have any of y’all read Skyward before? Comment your thoughts on the novel below! 😄 I hope that you have a wonderful day! —Rishika 😋

Citation for picture: Sanderson, Brandon. “Skyward .” Amazon , 2018,

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  1. hahaha the romance rant- i mean their relationship still sounds sweet..? hehe anyways i like how you critique the author without being rude or mean, that’s really cool!

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